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Email Marketing Still Moves The Needle

As a business owner you might be wondering, does email marketing work? Do customers really look at newsletter emails? Well to your surprise Email marketing is actually not dead, it is very much still a needle mover for growing and established websites. Newsletters and Marketing emails help you connect with your audience at a personal level and if done right can have huge ROI (Return on investment). Newsletter emails have a high open rate at 20%, where as Facebook, Instagram and other social media only has a 6% engagement rate. That stat alone should push business owners to interact with customers via email channels. 

Host Successful Email Campaigns

There are many different types of Email marketing campaigns starting from welcome emails, promotional emails and triggered emails. They are all important to customize a user's experience from the moment they land on your page to when they checkout or leave the site without completing a purchase. Different campaigns can bring customers back to your site and increase traffic tenfold. Our experts at The Design Freak have experience running many successful email marketing campaigns sending emails to customer list that is over a million users in size. Whether it comes to small brands or large brands we can help you ace email marketing.
Email Marketing in Canada - The Design Freak
Responsive Emails
HTML Emails can be complicated as email clients do not work the same as web browsers. Our emails are tested on every device and email client.
Performance Tools
We use cutting edge technologies to build our emails, this ensures the emails will be delivered to the recipient and working as it should.
Email Deliverability
We make sure our emails do not get stuck in the junk folder once they have been sent out to the audience. Guaranteed 99% delivery rate.
Fast Turnarounds
Need to send an email right away? We have express Email delivery service to code and send a newsletter email in less than 24 hours.
Full Analytics
Get full analytical data about campaigns to understand user engagement; with open rates, click rates and total revenue from emails.
Our packages also include copywriting for marketing emails. Grab attention of your customers with catchy subjects and leading text.

Email Marketing done right

Create one of a kind experience with our email marketing packages for single email or on going email campaigns, cart abandonment, order receipt and welcome emails.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have different packages for Email Development starting from 7 days, 3 days and 24 hour express delivery.
No, we guarantee 99.99% email delivery rate. We make sure your current standing with external Email services is good before sending mass emails. For newer brands we have a warmup period to get up to speed and build trust with email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. 
Yes, our emails are built to be responsive on desktop and mobile browsers as well as standalone clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and any other emails that support HTML.
Note: Certain emails don't work well with older email clients such as Outlook 2010 and 2013. In those cases we provide a fallback for clients browsing from those applications.
Sometimes  Yahoo and Gmail will mark your email as spam if your email server is not setup correctly. We can help brands setup their email servers including SPF, PTR and MX records. If your domain's reputation is bad we can also help get your domain trusted using third party services such as Mailgun and Sendgrid.

Email Marketing Price

Whether you need a single promotional email or on going campaign, we got you covered with our various plans.
Single Email
Fully responsive
All Email client support*
Delivery: 4-7 days
Single Email
Fully responsive
All Email client support*
Delivery: 72 hours
Single Email (Rush)
Fully responsive
All Email client support*
Delivery: Under 24 hours
Email Campaign
Fully responsive
All Email client support*
Total of 4 emails
Delivery: 7 days
Email Deliverability
Setup email server
Add record to domains
Guarantee 99.99% send rate
Delivery: 14 days - 1 month

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